Wacky Pack Trivia

This page covers some obscure topics that may or may not interest the average collector. Let me know if you think of more stuff that could go here. All of the basic info for each series is included in its own web page.

Ratz Crackers is most well known as one of the rare 1967 Wacky Pack diecuts that were pulled from production by Topps. Did you know that the original Ratz Crackers can be found in a set made by Leaf 5 years earlier? Mr Foney's Funnies from 1962 has an ad for Ratz Crackers!

Poopsi or Poopsie? Poopsie Cola from the 2nd series was originally released as a Wacky Ad in 1969. On the Wacky Ad, the spelling was Poopsi (closer to Pepsi). If anybody knows why it was changed, or has a theory, I'd love to hear it. Believe it or not, Mr. Foney's Funnies (see the previous piece of trivia) also has a Poopsie Cola!

Similar to the Poopsi(e) change, Garbage Baby Food was changed to Gurgle Baby Food somewhere between the Wacky Ads and the 2nd series. Why??????

Beastball Cards - the amazing changing date. The original Beastball Cards from the 13th series was dated 1975. In many subsequent releases, the date was either removed or changed to reflect the new date of release. Can you identify the 4 different designs?

Ice Krunkles - where did it come from? The only new design in the 1979-80 reprint series was Ice Krunkles Cereal. I have always been curious about why it never appeared before, and why it didn't appear in the 1982 series with the other new cereal designs. Maybe Topps commissioned an artist to do a bunch of new cereal designs and were just looking for different places to showcase them. I bet there's more to it than that.

Flipped backs! Some of the O-Pee-Chee checklists backs are upside down. Topps always rotated their landscape backs (i.e. the checklists in Wacky Packages) in a particular direction so that that you'd know which way to flip a card over. However, some of the OPC originals (including the 4th series) are flipped the wrong way.

Bananacin was thought up by both Topps (1985 set) and Fleer (see their set of Crazy Labels from 1979)

Topps created 2 versions of Hamel Cigarettes, one for the 15th series, and one for their 1985 set (they're actually Pigarettes in this set).

In a recent article in The Wrapper, some interesting facts about die-cut boxes were brought up. The original box from 1967 had Campy Spider Soup on it, but it was changed in 1968 to Tasty Spider Soup. There was some speculation that maybe the Campy card was also pulled from the set for the same reason, but it remains unclear whether or not it is rarer than any of the other die-cuts. It's definitely not as rare as Ratz Crackers or Cracked Animals. It would be nice if somebody had some uncut sheets so we could figure out exactly which designs were distributed in each type of box. Since some numbers come with *3* different designs, it is possible that there were 3 different types of sheets printed up. Any theories on this? I will post any plausible theories here.

Here are some variations found on some of the O-Pee-Chee reprint sets as reported by Andrew Krieg:

Sticker		US Text			 OPC Text		  OPC sticker
--------------	-----------------------	 -----------------------  ------------
Big Banana Pen	$.19 a pound		 $.09 a pound		  1988, #8
Scary Jane	For Midnight Snacks,	 text is black on US	  1987, #7
		Made with Witches Brew	 cards, red on OPC
Heavy Trash Bag	Laugh While Your Garbage white text on US,	  1987, #9
		Man Struggles		 blue on OPC
Seventon	Cookbook Reviews	 blue on US, green on OPC 1987, #16
Stingline	With Tacks that Attack,	 blue on US, green on	  1987, #18
		Great for Stick-Ups!	 OPC
Creep		Favorite of Toothless	 black on US, green on	  1987, #26
		Creeps, Fang Paste	 OPC
Sore		It Gets Under Your Skin	 black on US, green OPC	  1987, #33
Irish Ring	Price, Than Ever, Our	 black US, green OPC	  1987, #39
		Prices Are Dublin
Mashbox		Drive Yourself, trying	 black US, green OPC	  1987, #40
		to fix it!
Ape Beans	Never Touched By Human	 black US, blue OPC	  1987, #53
Cents		Fresh from the Mint	 black US, green OPC	  1987, #54
Fibby's		Fake Flavor		 black US, red OPC	  1988, #30