John Mann's Wacky Packages Price Guide

This price guide is meant to help collectors and dealers figure out what their collection of wacky packs is worth. I will try to provide the current market value for all items listed here. It is important to note that their value can vary significantly depending on where they are sold. Don't expect to walk up to a baseball card shop and ask the guy working there to pay you the price you see listed on my page for your wacky packs. You'll get laughed out of the store. Most of the prices I put forth will reflect the prices I see actual items selling for in on-line auctions and non-sport publications. Your mileage may vary. If you feel some of my prices are inaccurate (and have enough knowledge of the marketplace to back up your opinion), please feel free to e-mail me and I might actually make a change.

All prices are for near mint (look like they came right out of the pack) stickers. Individual sticker values vary depending on the rate with which they were produced. For example, Maddie Boy was printed at a rate of 6 times per sheet, more than any other sticker in the first series. It is therefore the most plentiful sticker and has the lowest value. Stay tuned for a guide on how to grade your stickers and modify their value accordingly.

I would like to thank Jeff Weiss for compiling all of the information about relative sticker rarity through the analysis of uncut sheets. The complete analysis can be found here.

Series 1 - White Backs (30 stickers)

Series 2 (33 stickers)

Series 3 (30 stickers)

Series 4 (32 stickers)

Series 5 (32 stickers)

Series 6 (33 stickers)

Series 7 (33 stickers)

Series 8 (30 stickers)

Series 9 (29 stickers)

Series 10 (30 stickers)

Series 11 (30 stickers)

Series 12 (27 stickers)

Series 13 (30 stickers)

Series 14 (30 stickers)

Series 15 (30 stickers)

Series 16 (30 stickers)