Wacky Posters (1973-74)

Most of the designs on these posters are a little different from the original sticker they were modeled after. The original artwork was designed for the smaller format and didn't expand to the big size very well so the artwork had to be redrawn. The Mexican guy on Mex-Pax Coffee looks a lot meaner on the poster. The posters also have a taller aspect ratio. Many of the designs were lengthened at the top by adding additional details. I think Wacky Garbage (#13) is the only original design. It's not that great.

These posters were released in both yellow (1973) and blue (1974) packs. There are a lot of unopened blue packs on the market. Cheapios, Weakies, and Toadal were only found in the yellow packs from 1973 and are very hard to find. Sometime between the two releases Topps must have agreed to stop using General Mills products in their parodies. Thanks go out to Terry Gomes for providing the numbers of the rare posters. The Toadal picture is copied from The Wacky Packages Handbook.

In addition to three sought after designs, the other 21 designs that appeared in the yellow wrappers can also be distinguished from their blue wrapper counterparts. An article on this subject was recently submitted by rex@cccd.edu to The Wrapper for publication.

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