General Puzzle and Checklist Info

Each of the original 16 series has a 9 card puzzle insert. When all 9 pieces are put together correctly, they form one of the designs from that series. The backs of the puzzles are checklists listing all of the stickers in the series. The checklists from series 1, 4, 6, 8, and 10 can be found in 2 different versions. Visit the page of the series in question for more specific info on the variations.

Below is a list of the designs found on the puzzles for each series.

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  1. Gadzooka Gum
  2. Sugarmess Gum
  3. Beanball
  4. Wormy Packages
  5. Big Baddy
  6. Mold Rush Gum
  7. Boozo Gum
  8. Kong Fu
  9. Hookey
  10. Badzooka
  11. Planet of the Grapes
  12. Sootball
  13. Beastball Cards
  14. Rotsa Root Candy
  15. Iron-Ons
  16. Real Garbage Can-dy