Series 1-16

These are the stickers that took off in the mid '70s to become a huge seller for Topps. Since most of the stickers were used by kids for their original purpose (sticking them on things), most of them did not survive. They aren't very sturdy either, so many of them that have survived are not in great condition. A complete set of all 16 series in nice shape currently sells for around $1600. If you want all the variations (excluding ludlows, 1st series tan backs, and 3rd series white backs), it will be closer to $2000 - if you can find it! Complete sets don't come on the market very often. The middle series (5-9) are most common. The early series (especially the first) are harder to find in nice condition, and the later series are in shorter supply. Many collectors I've had contact with never saw any of the last 2 series in stores and had to buy them from dealers (including me). A lot of stores must have stopped carrying them as their popularity waned. If you come across a 16th series set for less than $100, you're very lucky!

If you want a complete set including the ultra-rares (ludlows, 1st series tan backs, and 3rd series white backs), it may take you a lifetime to put it together, and you'll need very deep pockets. Many of those stickers go for $50 each - some even more. For many people, it has become a lifetime quest to complete these sets.

If you want to know which series a specific sticker is from, check out the alphabetical cross reference list. It's a big time saver. I also have a listing of all of the stickers by series. It's just a single text file containing all of the checklists below.

Ever wonder which stickers were printed more (or less!) than others? Check out this page showing all of the printing distributions for the original 16 series. Jeff Weiss painstakingly compiled this data. Thanks Jeff!

If you have a browser that can show frames, try out my frames based browser for series 1-16.

NOTE: Your screen size should really be at least 1024x768 to enjoy the frames based browser. Smaller screen sizes will have trouble fitting everything in. If you have a 17 inch monitor (or bigger) it should be set to a resolution of at least 1024x768 anyways (IMHO). If you have a 15 inch (or smaller) monitor, you may want to stay away from the frames based browser.

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