Wrappers and Display Boxes

By Terry Gomes (lego@magma.ca)

For those collectors interested in pursuing the elusive O-Pee-Chee Wacky Packages from Canada, I am sending the following information gathered from a few years of observation and collecting. There are so many ambiguities relating to the Canadian Wackys that it is very difficult to determine exactly when items were issued, scarcities etc. The absence of product codes on most packaging doesn't help this situation much.

I've started off with a list of wrappers and display boxes, as I have received many questions about them. They are also the toughest of the O-Pee-chee items to find. In the near future I hope to have information ready to present about the stickers themselves. I am aware that this list is not complete but they include all of the wrappers and boxes I know of or own.

I would encourage anyone that can help with additional information or corrections to please contact me at my address above. Hopefully this will help to clear up some of the mysteries and give the O-Pee-Chee Wackys a higher profile in the minds of Wacky collectors. They provide a great new hunting target once you've finished the Topps 1-16th. If you enjoy collecting Wackys that are challenging, the O.P.C's will not disappoint you!


All wrappers have English and French on them. The French word for stickers is "Collants" and it is present on all of the O-Pee-Chee wrappers as is "Gomme Balloune"(Bubble Gum). The exception to this is the 1982 Album Stickers which have no gum. This particular wrapper was also one of the only two that have a product code.

  1. 4th series
  2. 4th series
  3. 1980 Reissue
  4. 1980 Reissue
  5. 1982 Album stickers
  6. 1985 Set
  7. 1987 Reissue
  8. 1988 Reissue
  9. 1989 Reissue
  10. 1992 series


All O-Pee-Chee boxes are bilingual and are difficult to find except for the 1988, 1989 and 1992 series. The latter box is very common. 5 cent boxes are especially tough to come by. Codes are only listed for boxes that have them.

  1. "2nd SERIES"
  2. "2nd SERIES"
  4. 1979 Reissue
  5. 1980 Reissue
  6. 1980 Reissue
  7. 1982 Album stickers
  8. 1982 Album sticker ALBUMS
  9. 1985 series
  10. 1987 Reissue
  11. 1988 Reissue
  12. 1989 Reissue
  13. 1992 series