1989 O-Pee-Chee

This set is almost identical to the Topps reprint series #2. Some of the numbers are scrambled, and a few were removed, but the sets parallel each other closely. I have found 3 stickers that come with 2 different backs, but I suspect there is a fourth. This would bring the set total to 66. It's also possible that there is just a double printed sticker with no back variation. The 3 stickers I know of that come with 2 different backs are Mop & Glop, Scorch, and Blecch. The checklists list this set as the "5th Series", so I assume there are at least four other series released before this one. It is interesting that the box these stickers came in was labelled "1988 Wacky Packages", even though the stickers have a 1989 copyright on them.

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