O-Pee-Chee Wacky Packages

Topps Canadian counterpart, O-Pee-Chee, has also released many sets of Wacky Packages. The older sets (pre-1980) are very difficult to find in the United States. They may be easier to find in Canada, but not much. A special thanks go out to Terry Gomes for providing information on the relative scarcities of the older OPC sets, as well as providing me with almost half of my collection of original OPC stickers! He theorizes that the 4 original series were not released in the same order as the Topps versions, and has some evidence that the 4th series stickers were actually the second set to be released in Canada.

Even though the 1987 reprint set is listed as the third series, nobody has ever found evidence that first or second series reprint sets were ever made. It seems as though they just started with number 3. My guess is that they called it the third series because it was very similar to the third series Topps reprint set. They continued with the 4th series reprint set in 1988, and then released the 2nd series Topps reprint set as the 5th series OPC, even though Topps' reprint series 1 and 2 hadn't been printed with the OPC copyright before. It should also be noted here that the Topps reprint sets from 1979-80 were also released in Canada, but the stickers were identical, including the Topps copyright. The 1985 set was released the same way. Only the boxes and wrappers from these sets are different from the Topps version. Terry Gomes provided the information on OPC wrappers and display boxes.

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