The wrappers from Wacky Packages are tough to collect because many wrappers were reused in different series. The only saving grace is the fact that they all have serial numbers on them (O-Pee-Chee excluded). Here are some wrappers that I have.

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NEW! 2 new wrappers have been discovered recently!

The first wrapper is similar to the green fun pack wrapper, which was the only previously known wrapper with Ultra Blight on it. There are 3 main differences:

  1. it is blue instead of green
  2. it has the text "NEW NEW NEW" instead of "ALL NEW SERIES"
  3. the serial number is 0-459-85-01-4 (fun pack: 0-484-85-01-4)
It was issued in England.

The second wrapper is made out of red plastic (similar to the 1985 Topps wrapper), but it is narrow like the wrapper from the Irish set. It was also issued in Ireland at an unknown date. The serial number on this wrapper is 0-450-0-6

Thanks to Terry Gomes for providing this information.

Here is a list of wrappers reprinted from page 52 in the The Wacky Packages Handbook:

0-407-21-01-4Green11th, 12th Series
0-407-85-01-4Green9th, 12th Series
0-408-93-01-4Blue1974 Posters
0-412-96-01-9Blue/Purple5 cent Wacky Ads
0-414-90-01-7Yellow1967 Die Cuts
0-416-93-01-3Yellow1973 Posters
0-418-99-01-9Blue/Purple10 cent Wacky Ads
0-422-21-01-3Red1st, 2nd, 3rd Series
0-422-85-01-3Red1st, 2nd, 3rd Series
0-436-21-01-3Yellow3rd, 4th Series
0-436-85-01-3Yellow3rd, 4th Series
0-450-21-01-4Red1985 Series
0-455-85-01-4Blue7th Series (No Gum)
0-456-85-01-3Red1st Series Cloth Patches
0-462-21-01-3Blue6th, 7th Series
0-462-21-02-3Blue6th Series
0-462-85-01-3Blue5th, 6th, 7th Series
0-462-85-02-3Blue5th, 6th Series
0-465-21-02-4Orange8th Series
0-465-85-02-4Orange8th Series
0-472-21-01-6Multi StripedMystery Pack
0-477-21-01-4Purple10th Series
0-477-85-01-4Purple10th Series
0-478-85-01-4Yellow9th Series
0-481-21-01-0Yellow1991 Series
0-481-21-02-0Blue1991 Series (No 25 cents)
0-483-21-01-5Orange13th Series
0-483-21-01-9Red1979 Reissue - I
0-483-85-01-5Orange13th Series
0-484-21-01-9Yellow1979 Reissue - II
0-484-85-01-4Green2nd Series Fun Pack
0-485-21-01-0Blue1979 Reissue - III
0-489-21-01-0Green1979 Reissue - IV
0-489-21-01-5Yellow14th Series
0-489-85-01-5Yellow14th Series
0-490-21-01-5Blue15th Series
0-490-85-01-5Blue15th Series
0-495-21-01-7Maroon16th Series
T-120-7Yellow/White1979 Test Pack