Wonder Bread Series

There appear to be 2 different Wonder Bread sets. One of them consists of 24 stickers. All of the designs are from the first 4 series. They are distinguished from the regular versions of the same stickers by their copyright. On the Wonder Bread stickers the copyright information is TOPPS
CHEWING GUM, INC.  PRTD. IN U.S.A.  On the regular versions, the first series stickers say T.C.G. MADE & PRINTED IN U.S.A.  and the other stickers say T.C.G., PRTD. IN U.S.A.

The other set has 44 stickers. Unfortunately, the stickers from this set are not distinguishable from regular stickers. All of the stickers have tan backs though, so the three 1st series designs (Gadzooka, Tied, and Lavirus) are usually distinguishable. There are very few authentic first series tan stickers around, so if you have a tan back sticker of one of these designs, it is almost certainly a wonder bread sticker. The other 41 stickers are identical to the original stickers and very plentiful. I think there are some subtle printing differences. The Wonder Bread stickers tend to be a little glossier and the colors tend to be a little more vivid. They also tend to be miscut. However, there are no features that can be used to reliably tell them apart. The only way to tell a sticker is definitely not a Wonder Bread sticker is if it has 2 asterisks next to the copyright. All of the Wonder Bread stickers in this set have 1 asterisk. If you are a purist, you should include the 2 asterisk version of these stickers in your regular set. That way you know they were not from Wonder Bread!

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This is a list of the stickers in the 2nd Wonder Bread set. The designs come from series 1-9.