Sew-On Patches

These are patches that are actually meant to be sewn onto clothes. They are very ugly and not in very high demand. You can find unopened boxes of these for $50. Some of the patches can be found with different colors on them creating several variations. The different styles of each patch are listed below. These patches should not be confused with the cloth stickers (which were also called patches, but were really stickers).

There are also some rare test patches. They are distinguished by being thicker and having a rougher woven material on the back than the patches that made it to mass market. The test designs include Ajerx, Plastered Peanuts, Sicken of the Sea, Weakies, Botch Tape, Mrs. Clean, Kookaid, 6-Up, Grave Train, Paul Maul, Glutton Mustard, and Cracked Jerk. These are all rare, but the last 2 are the most rare.

All of this info was provided by Andrew Relkin. Thanks to Stephen Burch for the pictures.

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