Fun Packs

There are 3 different series of fun packs. There are currently 2 theories about the stickers included in the fun packs. Most of the wacky experts believe that the stickers included in the fun packs were identical to the original stickers, and did not even match the designs listed on the fun pack checklists. This was verified by opening several packs. Other people believe that some of the stickers can be distinguished from the regular stickers by the copyright information:


This is almost identical to the Wonder Bread copyright. The only difference is the asterisk. The origin of the stickers in question has yet to be determined. Some experts say that the stickers with the above copyright were probably from Wonder Bread, but that theory is very questionable. The simple fact that the 24 known Wonder Bread designs are very plentiful, and these anomalously copyrighted stickers aren't, suggests to me that they are different animals. It is possible that they are from yet another set that has not been documented to date. Nobody really knows. For now, I am including them with the fun packs because I don't have a better place to put them. A list of designs which have been found with this copyright can be found in The Wacky Packages Handbook at the top of page 38.

The first series fun pack checklist has the same Gadzooka design as the regular first series. The second series of fun packs has a Planet of the Grapes checklist. The other series of fun packs came with regular 8th series checklists, so these are only collectible as unopened packs. Once opened, they are indistinguishable from the regular issue. Here is the first series fun pack checklist. The second series checklists are very hard to find.

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