1986 Album Stickers (Test Set)

There is no album for this set. The set seems to be layed out so that the album would have been very similar to the 1982 album. Similar products tend to be lumped together. The designs are taken from the 1982 album stickers (most of which were reprints already) and the 1985 set of Wacky Packages. Many boxes from this set have been found to only contain a subset of 33 of the 77 stickers, thereby making the other 44 stickers relatively harder to find.

Ed Glicken has found that there are some die-cutting variations for several of the stickers in this set. There are five significant variations and several insignificant variations. All of these variations exist in the "scarce stickers" as listed in Non-Sport Update. Since there are 44 scarce stickers in the set, and figuring that Topps used its standard 132 sticker sheet, there were three of each title on the scarce sheet. The 33 commons were probably 4 per sheet, and this sheet was probably produced in greater quantities. It appears that when preparing the scarce sheet, Topps varied the dies so that 2 out of 3 of the variation stickers have one die cut, and the third sticker has a different cut. Thus, the rare variations would be only 1/3 the production numbers of the regular "scarce stickers". This printing information is speculative. It would be good if everybody that has a large quantity of stickers from this set could check the proportions of these variations. A search of Scot Leibacher's collection indicates approximately the same ratio for these variations.

Below are the five significant variations.

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